I am an American.


I owe you no apologies nor will I accept

those apologies made for me by others.


If you dislike me, you dislike me not for what I am, but for what you are not. By my own sweat I have created a lifestyle

which I desire for all men.


To the world I have shared my wealth and

given my blood, not because of obligation,

but by my free will. I have fed the hungry of the world…

Many have bit my hand;

I used the other hand.


I defeated my enemies in battle, then pulled them up from

the ashes of defeat. Once strong , they again attacked;

I turned the other cheek.


Though I am strong, I have never used my strength

to rule others. But do not misjudge me, I will not allow the fear of my own strength to become my weakness.


If you wish to rise, I will give you a helping hand…

But by the grace of God, and I’ll first be damned,

will I let you drag me down so that we may be equal.



D. Ault


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